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Water Softeners and Reverse Osmosis - Dreams of Yesteryear Features

(Or, why I'm glad my Dad's a water man)

by Darcy Maher Bunn

When I was growing up, my friends all considered me a water connoisseur. Well at least they thought I was picky about the water I drank.

My nose was sensitive to that tell-tale rotten egg smell of otherwise harmless iron bacteria, or to the metallic stench of rusty water.

On vacation as a child, I had to be totally parched before I would choke down a glass of tap water in a hotel room. The chlorine gas eminating from it made me feel like I was drinking from a swimming pool.

All of this was a result of being the daughter of a water softener man. Let me tell you,

The water softener man and family.  From the right, my dad, mom, sister Danielle, and brother-in-law Sam.

From right to left: The Water Softener Man, wife, daughter, and son-in-law. (I'm not in this picture. My sister and her husband are following in my dad's footsteps. I just drink the water.)

it is great to be in my position. All my life my family and I have had all the latest water technology at our fingertips. Not only that, but we bathed in it, suds our hair in it, and of course, drank it.

We also washed our clothes in it. With soft water you use 75% less laundry soap than you need with hard water. This is an added bonus for Mom and Dad now that there are lots of linens to wash at the B&B.

The Benefits of Water Treatment to Our Bed and Breakfast Guests

Now it is our guests' turn to reap the benefits of conditioned and filtered water. The first great benefit of having a water

having a water softener in the bed and breakfast is cleanliness.  With soft water, it is easier to clean things, and things stay cleaner.  

Take for instance the glass-walled shower in the Florence Myrna room. One of the former cleaning helpers who went on to sell water softeners for a time, had great success because of the conviction in his voice when sharing his personal testimony of the first time he realized how great soft water is. It happened when he was confronted with cleaning the Florence Myrna room shower. He didn't believe he would ever get that glass to shine again.  But much to his surprise, the soapy droplets dried on the glass wiped off easily, and the tile soon looked like new.

The same benefits apply to linens washed in soft water, and of course dishes. Notice how the glasses and flatware sparkle at breakfast in the morning at Dreams of Yesteryear.

And of course the waterman has to have a reverse osmosis filteration system in his house too! So the bed and breakfast has RO water on tap at the sink and chilled from the refrigerator, and the ice is made from RO water too. But where you really notice the difference between regular tap water and water treated with reverse osmosis is when you're drinking coffee or tea made with it. You are going to love that morning cuppa at Dreams!

I am happy that when you stay at my parents' bed and breakfast you will be able to reap the benefits of water softeners and reverse osmosis like I do in my home. Maybe you already enjoy them in your home now, in which case--well--Dreams of Yesteryear will really feel like home.

So have a drink of water on me when you come. And here's to your health. Cheers!


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