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Our bed and breakfast is listed on the National Register of Historic Places

The Ballroom Suite at Dreams of Yesteryear Bed and Breakfast

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Bed and Breakfast Rooms - Gareld's Room

Gareld was the second generation Jensen who owned this house. A dentist and used car salesman, he gave "ballpoint pens to all men leaving for service from here."   

Gareld's Room Features

  • 2 Twin Beds or
  • 1 King Size Bed
  • Near Balcony Door
  • Three Windows
  • Robes in Room
  • Bathroom is on the first floor, bedroom is on the second floor
  • Wireless Internet

$135 per night

Reserve the Gareld's Room

A private bath nestles under the back third-floor stairs, with a view of the carriage house from the window.

Antique twin beds in Gareld's Room can be combined to a King-sized bed upon request.

This room is light and airy with French blue wall coverings, and twin beds (or one king).

This baptismal gown is a piece of Maher family history, but fits in nicely with Gareld's Room light colored decor.

This room shares a first floor bath featuring luxury fixtures and a separate custom shower. Read about our bathroom renovation!

A large bathroom on the main floor is shared between Gareld's Room and the Maids Quarters.

A few steps away from the Gareld's Room door is access to the balcony. 

A neo-angle walk-in glass shower is a touch of modern luxury tucked away in this private bath.

Member in good standing of
the Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast Association.

Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast Association