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Visit this Historic Stevens Point Church

As the owner of the Dreams of Yesteryear Bed and Breakfast in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, I often serve as concierge to my guests. I try to find things of interest in Stevens Point for guests to do while visiting our area. One of the places I often refer visitors to is St. Peter's Catholic Church. I think of all the churches my husband and I have visited in our travels around the United States, none is more beautiful than St. Peters.

History of a Stevens Point Church

St. Peter's was built in 1897 by the Polish people who settled in this area. It is one of the oldest churches in Stevens Point and still maintains its historic integrity.

The architecture, statues, murals on the ceiling, and stained glass windows are just a few of the elements that contribute to the beauty of this historic treasure. One only needs to study the details incorporated into St. Peter's Church, to realize how important a church representing their Polish culture and the

image: St. Peter's Catholic Church in Stevens Point Wisconsin

Saint Peter Catholic Church, Stevens Point, WI - The familiar view of the church tower with its clock face and copper tile roof (added 2006) serve as a local landmark for Stevens Point natives and visitors.

emphasis on worship was to the Polish immigrants. 

St. Peter's is one of the most historically documented churches in Stevens Point. If you would like to prepare for your visit to this historic site, feel free to check out the vast amount of information found on the Portage County Historical Society's website's Stevens Point churches article .

Reading about St. Peter's Catholic Church is fascinating, but not as fascinating as being there. Polish Cardinal Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II) saw fit to visit this Polish church in 1976. I hope you will want to visit as well.

Get in touch with the more sacred part of Stevens Point’s history.  Sit in a pew and admire the artistic beauty that surrounds you.  Allow yourself the opportunity to reflect on a time when the Polish people were making Stevens Point their home—a time when they counted on their faith to sustain them as they settled in this new country. St. Peter's Catholic Church helped them through this trying time. And while you are there, feel free to say a prayer to help you get through your trying times.


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